Monday, September 28, 2009

It's been much too long.

Well, I have put off updating for much too long. This year I am in a new school board--and with this brings many new and exciting things--and many nervewracking things. I have moved from a school that was considered high risk and high needs to a school where the kids drive better cars then the teachers and go on mini vacations to Paris for the weekend. A huge culture shock really. I applied for this job on a whim really and the fact that I have a permanent job--is amazing.

I was sad to leave the job I had last year--but I am excited to see what this new place holds. However, the downside is that I have a commute of 45 minutes everyday. Blergh.

Today, a student tried to bully me into giving him higher marks. Well I can tolerate a lot in life, and rudeness is not one of them.

I love teaching grade 9. They are so sweet, inquisitive and interested. To me, this group is the best group of students I have had in my entire career ( A short career thus far) I told the parents of my grade 9 class, that I am bringing grammar back--just like Justin brought sexy back. That result in some fantastic applause. : )

I have a lot more work then I need, and the stress is probably eating at other aspects of my life. But I will get through it, just like I always have.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The end?

Well time has just been flying by. With less than 2 months until the end of the school year, I have a ton to do. I had a phenomenal vacation--which has given me the will to go on.
I teach only grade 11s and 12s this semester and they are beginning to drift into summer mode. The beautiful spring like weather does assist in this.

My media studies kids are amazing, the type of work some of them have been doing is phenomenal. The literacy kids I teach, just keep asking me " Can we just chill today, Miss..? Cmon" I have a kid in my first period class with a serious potty mouth condition, so we have started a cursing board. In one week the kid said, about 25 swear words.. just in my class. Hilarious. I have a student who came into my class only 2 weeks ago from India, and the content is way too easy for him. I hope I haven't made a bad impression. One of my students, had to say, "WHAT? You speak English. Thats awesome" Um, yeah. Special.

I am now taking another course, twice a week. It is an ESL class, in class-- 8 hours per week. I can totally understand how my students feel sitting for so long. Blergh.

I'm trying to be optimistic, but the job front is looking kind of awful for next year. So taking courses will hopefully boost me into the "need to have" teacher.

Anywho, I should be marking. But I am a terrible procrastinator. Sad isn't it?

: )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well its been a long couple of weeks. March Break begins next week and the kids are turning off fast.....Its really quite sad. A student that I have known since last year decided to take his frustration out in my class with yelling about how much he hates teachers. Great. I have one kid in my Media Studies class who just doesn't care. I have 3 students who have a 0 in that class. Its even a fun class!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. I need that vacation now. So tired today. So frustrated.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I returned from my conference this past Saturday refreshed and full of ideas for my classroom. Some of which I believe will be extremely effective in my organization and classroom management skills. The one lesson I did learn was, "Steal". The speaker, Dr. Harry Wong reiterated this message during his 2 hour long talk and sold me on his book, 'The First Days of Teaching". $35 dollars later I have a book I am actually happy I purchased. The message that he gave is true, I think so many beginning teachers struggle to create something new every single day...and that may not be the best idea. The conference helped me really feel good about some of the things I am already doing in the classroom and helped me reflect on what I need to improve on.
I was kind of nice that I was put up at the Hilton for two nights too.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old Cat

I've lost many people in my life. But the feeling that fills me these days is nothing like that I have felt before. I had to put down my cat of almost 14 years this past Wednesday. The strange thing about this is that-- it was my choice. It was my personal choice to end the life of my dear old cat. My cat was sick, to the point she wasn't her old bitchy self anymore. And that made me sad. It actually still makes me sad. This cat literally accompanied me through my childhood, teenage years and now adulthood. Sad face. : ( (A student in my third period class always says this when I tell a sad story).

I told the kids in my class that I had to complete this dreadful task... that it made me very sad. Some understood and empathized--and others have yet to experience something like this. I told them that this is real life. Real life isn't about ipods and videogames. It is about the relationships we forge with other people--and even animals. I shared this personal event with them--because I want my students to realize that teachers are human too.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh wear or wear did proper grammar go?

Well. My title is an intentional pun. Kids these days can't read or write. Sweeping generalization? I think not. I am teaching two sections of a Grade 12 Literacy course for students who failed a standardized literacy test, twice. Scary. This course consists of seven activities that need to be completed in 3 separate blocks of time. Needless to say, its boring as hell for the kiddos. Well as exciting as I am in person, the content I am given to work with, is not. I am teaching the kids who hate to read and hate to write. Usually you get a few of those kind of kids in your classes, but not 20 of them. My days consist of tracking down children who skip. Parents who don't care that they skip. And yelling at children who can't actually give a .... to come on time or at all. Beautiful. I also have some incredibly sweet kids who just need a lot of help. A class of 20 students is not the best environment for me to provide the best help possible. However, I do what I can. In other schools this class maxes out at 7 students. But hey... I'm a dreamer right?

Because I have not have had enough literacy during the day, I teach a co-curricular literacy study group twice a week, to make sure we don't have so many kids failing the literacy test-- and having to take the course during the school year. I am totally a literacy guru. Well I shouldn't say that. Any little grammar faux pas could get me in trouble. I take it back. Read to your kids folks. Really read to your little ones. Help them with their homework. I know we are all busy. But truly--knowledge is power-- right? It starts at home.

That's my rant.

I am also teaching media studies. Media studies rocks. I am teaching them all sorts of fun things about tv, film, radio, journalism, advertisements, etc. Send interesting links my way. I am currently teaching a unit on reality tv. SUPER! (This is not sarcasm). : )

Anyways. This weekend is the big conference I told you about a while back. I have a really short week. This rocks.

27 Days till Vacation.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Out and About

Well I am officially a marking machine. Truly. I finished all those culminating tasks last weekend and now I am onto 59 final exams. I have done about 12 at this point, but I have a day off today so I am sure I will get at least half done. I have to get report cards in for Thursday, with comments and "learning skills". I think I put homework skills for my 5th period class as "Needs Improvement". Except for maybe 3 kids.

I was out and about this weekend and happened to get some coffee at a very nice place, as I was putting milk and sugar in my coffees, and I quickly asked the lady at the counter if I could have a tray. Little did I know that I was disturbing a crazy lady. The lady turned and looked at me and said, " EXUSE ME I am having a conversation here". I said "Sorry I just wanted a tray". "Someone should teach you manners, young lady...." "Well thanks for the lesson lady". "Ugh.. young people today, no one teaches them anything. I bet her parents didn't even teach her manners".

It took everything in me not to respond back, in a way not becoming to a lady. If that was something that was considered extremely rude...well what about all the other rude things kids say to me everyday.............And I wonder how kids get their superiority complexes. Proof is in the pudding. Or shall I say coffee......